Chaos of internet sharing

Dear readers,
The internet and the so called social media is expanding in an exponantial rate.
At some point the internet was doing fine in being a simple bridge between cultures and enhancing communications,

But now that each act,fact,pic,video ,news are available 24/7 and we re getting addicted to them.
We can start saying good bye to real friendship.

We proud having 5000 friend on facebook and having less than 3,4 friends in real life.
Of course i m not generalising..but that s the majority.

Besides that real emotions are missing such as :
Missing,loving,patience,admiration,true sucess,evolving harmonically,

We re facing a bigger danger which is :
When everybody wants to say everything
When all wanna do all.
When each person wanna sing.
When each individual can state facts whether he s specialized or not.

We will soon all “like” each other and be friends with each other…
No more judge or proffesional man to know the difference between right and wrong.
Talent ia not a game..
We re free for ex to sing at home..but not in publicc
We are damaging each other s culture..

When everyone will have a statement on everything and have an opinion…no one will have anything anymore..

Joy..patience..wisdom..culture..nature..sports..all will drop..
We all speak…who s gonna listen??
No one…
Freedom is nice…we coulsnt make it sync perfect in our lices..we turned on to fake freedom behind screens…

I m only speaking cause i know my limit in what i know and learned.
Music composition..being a pianist..philosopher..
Life and health coach and nutrition consultant..

I know where are my limits…
Some people know too…
Some just keep talking..and hammer us with millions of pics..tags..stupid quotes and phrases…


A bit of medicine

I would like to start by a simple fact..

We survive and live by bread and water.
Maybe also another element…
And it s enough for our trillions of cell and atoms
And all body functions to continue regenerating.
We need 1000 medicine from the pharmacy to heal for 1000 issue..
Isnt weird???

U wanna be healed? Take care of your stomach and thoughts.
In other words :nutrition and mind.
Our second brain as the chinese calls it is our stomach
Where most of our organs resides..and all our emotional
Get away from all package foods, walk..circulate your blood
And allow for proper  breathing.
Your body will automatically start restoring it s health.

Simplify your foods..
Be one with what the existence created you,
Little by little your body will heal it self.

Or else symptoms will keep appearing..
But the root is one..stomach..brain!

Also our stomach is linked with our back and vice versa
Solid and flexible back with a clean gut are the root of a solid body temple..
In that temple..the spirit will sit.
The more it s clean and ready…the more u can be one with the whole.

For more one to one help
U can reach me at





let’s embrace that word,because soon in the near future it will be missed……………………………………..

love, give, good, nice, compassion,,all of these words couldn’t stick long enough since our birth.

we kept on trying all kind of religions, trying all kind of philosophies, morals,rules, etc etc..

no body ever wondered..why that much we need control??

too simply this creature living inside of us called “mind” was and still is our greatest enemy,

out of 1000 people 1 may become a bit enlightened, or becomes “nice” due to fear! not nice due to awarness.

that one can teach one or 2,, but the 1 thousand lost individual or mass , ego centric people, lusting all pleasures and desires, lands,countries

getting bigger and reach at the end…or replace god,will teach 6000 more..hence your humanity grew sick

and too late to be fixed…


yes i may sound pessimistic..but that’s the truth..

prophets,,leaders,,messiahs, masters have tried to come to make us lead a peaceful life…mostly all in vain.


few minority of people managed to control the rest of the humanity..and we lost thrill and pleasure of being and living with our fellow,


the fact that we have a mind,creates this automatic feeling of always wanting more and more or either being submissive to

the rest.

what’s happening to us….is……OUR END!

these minority of people knew by giving the rest of humanity gadgets and tools that illusions them to be connected,

as smart phones etc..made us dumber…!

no more passion to be.or live..or grow families..we turn our phones on..we fly into our virtual world..and go to sleep

..already we re sleeping day facing the screen while walking,talking, driving…all

soon gadgets will grow more..and it’s the era..of making the human stop reproducing..and be passive

our race cannot continue,

it will soon handle it selves to robots…

robots are being prepared massively between 2020-2030. by 2040 they will walk among us..and replace the need of another human

so in resume:

are we creatures of god..or the game is over!!??


we are creature of gods ”but we dint see that also light and evolution are also the tools of god…we re not unique!”

we “thought” that by analyzing and rationalization everything we are ,is in the image of god,the truth  is:

we made him by our image,

the true hunger of human is to keep having more and being it all stopped,

we discovered that in order to be more, we need bigger and stronger brains and bodies and more accurate


we are surrendering our selves to them.

before you tell me it’s all absurd,,

look again at your self holding your phone,,and sitting in your virtual helmet playing games living in a fake world,

now it’s a screen..that we cannot move our eyes from..later on boxes….

why not to bury our selves??


from the few that can listen,,enjoy life and reconnect with nature..your only true environment that was meant to guide you,

you wanted electricity and screens and illogical communication…

we got it…there is no way back…

god doesn’t have all eternity for us…he keeps expanding…





did it become a trendy word , or an old fashioned!
I notice some people completely ignores it or becomes more and more shy revealing what they use to believe about “god”
does “god” word matter?
they ask me “do you believe in god”? …well do you know him?
if i said “dieu” ,lord,allah ,energy, tao, existence..will “god” be mad at me cause i didn’t pronounce “his” name correct? is he ethical and gets pissed by protocols?

is “he” or is “she” or is “it” ….what pronoun do we believe in?
is believing corect? from the first place?/…believing will always bring a certain doubt..
experiencing won’t…

i know…maybe you re saying what the heck this guy is talking about..?!?!?

i just wanted to reflect a point that surrendering ourselves to “god” (let’s keep this name right now)
became an act of shyness,or we re too stressed to let-go.

the fact that we an undeniable proof that something is more powerful.

science in fact is approaching back to Buddhism and meditation…where the mind in these old philosophies
was a main blockage to reach little of the unknown..
it’s gaining proof and ground..over Christianity or Islamic system.

i’m not here now to talk about Jesus or anyone,regardless if i believe he s god or not or you do,
that s a different subject.

with all this technology and hectic life..we cannot find a good time.. being in church or mosque or synagogue,, in case we do find time,,i’m sure lot of us keep peeking on our facebook status or whatsup..

but being under a tree or nature..or breathing is finding it self to be more at ease with what’s going on around us from a fast paced life..
which take us back to old centuries where they knew that the mind is at the origin of such..chaos..

all i can say is empty your thoughts,,by any possible way!!!god

then ask your self…and “know” ……….”GOD”


Why am I

It s raining out there in my loved but disapointing country..
Although i belong to that planet..not my borders..

Suddenly a question arise

to my soul :

why am “i”..what s the purpose of being,
It s a journey ..we sure know that…it comes to an end…
They say it s the beginning of a soul journey..
If only someone came back and showed us…

It s a road where we must seek inside and outside..
Nothing is sure..yet all Is.
Fly away from your brain..embrace the whole existence…
The light will eventually show…

With love from Jad..




it doesn’t exist anymore, or it’s completely misunderstood

99.99% it’s confused with the word “need”

even a husband needs his women so he can feel safe and vice versa

loving is’s accepting who we cannot start unless we start by our selves.

To love is simply to be with the other admiring the other,,witnessing his soul.


dear love, we miss you…




Who are we

i would like to go through our purpose and vision in this life.

we visited this planet ,being planted in a body of nerves,flesh,bones…but who is ordering who to move and survive?

Hence this temple that we live in (our body) is something to protect in order to reconnect with our source.

we’re living temporary in that vehicle.

that’s where food,thoughts,oxygen,spirit comes into play. in order to be awaken from our sleepy state

one must start with the body-mind and witness all around .


we re not separate from earth and nature…but we re separating our selves.

too much technology is leading us to full separation from our nature.

our atoms,molecules,flesh are not meant to interact with lights-screen-plastic-metal

indeed these are all from earth, but not meant to be fusion ed with.

this leap forward is creating a danger on humanity..we re not humans anymore.

we must reverse a bit the timing and learn how to interact with nature

and once we re disconnected from our selves and constantly being hammered by distractions

we will loose our pure joy to reconnect and live our life normally.


we are beings of light in a body that is almost dying from birth….

let’s pause a bit and breath…..and we ll know again ; who are we!