Who are we

i would like to go through our purpose and vision in this life.

we visited this planet ,being planted in a body of nerves,flesh,bones…but who is ordering who to move and survive?

Hence this temple that we live in (our body) is something to protect in order to reconnect with our source.

we’re living temporary in that vehicle.

that’s where food,thoughts,oxygen,spirit comes into play. in order to be awaken from our sleepy state

one must start with the body-mind and witness all around .


we re not separate from earth and nature…but we re separating our selves.

too much technology is leading us to full separation from our nature.

our atoms,molecules,flesh are not meant to interact with lights-screen-plastic-metal

indeed these are all from earth, but not meant to be fusion ed with.

this leap forward is creating a danger on humanity..we re not humans anymore.

we must reverse a bit the timing and learn how to interact with nature

and once we re disconnected from our selves and constantly being hammered by distractions

we will loose our pure joy to reconnect and live our life normally.


we are beings of light in a body that is almost dying from birth….

let’s pause a bit and breath…..and we ll know again ; who are we!




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