did it become a trendy word , or an old fashioned!
I notice some people completely ignores it or becomes more and more shy revealing what they use to believe about “god”
does “god” word matter?
they ask me “do you believe in god”? …well do you know him?
if i said “dieu” ,lord,allah ,energy, tao, existence..will “god” be mad at me cause i didn’t pronounce “his” name correct? is he ethical and gets pissed by protocols?

is “he” or is “she” or is “it” ….what pronoun do we believe in?
is believing corect? from the first place?/…believing will always bring a certain doubt..
experiencing won’t…

i know…maybe you re saying what the heck this guy is talking about..?!?!?

i just wanted to reflect a point that surrendering ourselves to “god” (let’s keep this name right now)
became an act of shyness,or we re too stressed to let-go.

the fact that we exist..is an undeniable proof that something is more powerful.

science in fact is approaching back to Buddhism and meditation…where the mind in these old philosophies
was a main blockage to reach little of the unknown..
it’s gaining proof and ground..over Christianity or Islamic system.

i’m not here now to talk about Jesus or anyone,regardless if i believe he s god or not or you do,
that s a different subject.

with all this technology and hectic life..we cannot find a good time.. being in church or mosque or synagogue,, in case we do find time,,i’m sure lot of us keep peeking on our facebook status or whatsup..

but being under a tree or nature..or breathing is finding it self to be more at ease with what’s going on around us from a fast paced life..
which take us back to old centuries where they knew that the mind is at the origin of such..chaos..

all i can say is empty your thoughts,,by any possible way!!!god

then ask your self…and “know” ……….”GOD”



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