Chaos of internet sharing

Dear readers,
The internet and the so called social media is expanding in an exponantial rate.
At some point the internet was doing fine in being a simple bridge between cultures and enhancing communications,

But now that each act,fact,pic,video ,news are available 24/7 and we re getting addicted to them.
We can start saying good bye to real friendship.

We proud having 5000 friend on facebook and having less than 3,4 friends in real life.
Of course i m not generalising..but that s the majority.

Besides that real emotions are missing such as :
Missing,loving,patience,admiration,true sucess,evolving harmonically,

We re facing a bigger danger which is :
When everybody wants to say everything
When all wanna do all.
When each person wanna sing.
When each individual can state facts whether he s specialized or not.

We will soon all “like” each other and be friends with each other…
No more judge or proffesional man to know the difference between right and wrong.
Talent ia not a game..
We re free for ex to sing at home..but not in publicc
We are damaging each other s culture..

When everyone will have a statement on everything and have an opinion…no one will have anything anymore..

Joy..patience..wisdom..culture..nature..sports..all will drop..
We all speak…who s gonna listen??
No one…
Freedom is nice…we coulsnt make it sync perfect in our lices..we turned on to fake freedom behind screens…

I m only speaking cause i know my limit in what i know and learned.
Music composition..being a pianist..philosopher..
Life and health coach and nutrition consultant..

I know where are my limits…
Some people know too…
Some just keep talking..and hammer us with millions of pics..tags..stupid quotes and phrases…



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