Life Purpose

Dear Friends ,may i call you friends cause we should all be from the first place.
my purpose of creating this blog is my genuine will to help people to go through their purposes and life missions. and to share my humble experience that can help many to cut through and avoid some pitfalls.

life by it self was meant to be joyful,fun and a journey to live,
unfortunately this hectic kind of life and the chaos of humanity and the human mind it self is complicating things more than helping.

with this life style that barely give people time to breath , i think we should all pause………….for a second and say :where the hell am i….in this journey!

knowing thy self is the road to enlightening us .But knowing our selves is the last thing we do…hence our constant daily struggle.

you rest at the end of the day wondering..what’s next…why am i sleeping, why should i wake up…
while this rush to bring money and jobs and at the end spend it on our health..probably.

i sincerely hope with my experience and life moments,,through the wisdom and seeking that i constantly acquire i ll be able to help many of you ,from body, to mind to health to spirituality questions and concerns .

i will welcome all questions and will guide you as much as i can for a better way to spend this trip on earth..

smiling and positive forced feeling isn’t’ isn’t even true ..
negativity is the root to happiness….yes!!!… taking it out…and working on it
and seeing black from white…then positive will flow

not “be positive”! ,you are positive. it’s not an act of “being”

good day everyone…
u may reach me at
for any question you d like to asklife blog1

love to all

Jad Mhanna
music composer
life and health coach,nutritionist
spirituality seeker,

p.s :all is one…
and we will get to the true meaning of all is one!