A sword with a double blade.
Sometimes you may save someone from a danger or save his feelings till he’s more mature or ready to accept.
And sometimes you may kill someone and destroy his soul.

We have been given this privilege to lie…no other being can do it.
Is it a privilege or a curse?….who knows…

This word and act..have destroyed most of humanity…
But it s often confused with ignorance, stubborness..and regret.

Lying comes from the roots of hiding…of protecting our freedom who once was taken…
Lying comes from regretting doing a mistake…

The problem is not there…
Who made us humans behave so weird and un authentic?

Not learning from childhood..and blossoming naturally as a flower does…leads us to become crippled…guilty….behaving against our severe rules….
Some may perceive it severe…some may say.”.just dont lie…”

Easy to say…hard to do.

When we ll great enlightened people suffered…were tortured…
And prophets or messiahs or any rare being…gave it the truth..
We will realise how hard is
NOT to lie…

With love and honesty

I welcome your participation in any of my topics..


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