Promises and poison


Never ever make a promise you cant keep or make.
Promises are an injected poison in the other that will heavily sedate and create a virtual world full of hope for the other..

When time passes and one becomes tormented and keep holding on to this tiny rope…to wake up after weeks..months…years…and realise he has been destroyed.

Yes a promise is worse than a s worse than stealing…it s worse than many things.

Truthful men must have the courage to say : i m sorry i couldnt make it.
But promising makes our ego superior ..
Makes us feel we dominate over the other and make him attached and imprisonned to us.

This feels good..!?

Promises must not be made…and if be acheived ..
Or else to humbly let go of the other.

P.s by promises i mean here doing a favor or good for others
Not in a relational point of view.




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