About my Anti Stress /Classes for adult and young

For all who would like to get more in-depth knowledge about what my course would contain :

a small introduction for new comers :what is stress, and how to understand that it’s an inside and outside factor. both!

-explanation about foods that stimulate stress hormones or reduces.

start of the exercises :

1-dynamic meditation taken from eastern philosophies

it will release all anger, tension, shouting,,body movement , being free of our inside

it’s fun an deliberating.

2nd portion is for some basic stretching exercises, taken from yoga and alternative medicine,

also from tai chi (a gentle standing form of meditation and balance through many forms)

we don’t have to do extreme yoga poses that can hurt the un advanced. yoga is not a gymnastic class as it’s becoming!

once are ligaments and tendons ,muscles are relaxed.

we proceed to stage 3

sitting or laying down

focusing on breathing exercises, every time we choose some of many.

i focus on belly breathing and on alternating nostrils first.

this would calm the whole nervous system

last stage of this course :is to get students to get at ease with me, and ask any questions would they like regarding their well being.

as a life and health coach, expert in mind-body relation and nutrition consultant

along with my long journey in researching spirituality . i can help the individual to understand his problems and his own solution.

the class participants, can also ask me by email or personal meeting at antelias clinic(

Dr alam-polyclinic , antelias)if they need a series of 4 to 8 session to explore with them in depth process

for the individual to reach high goal or treat his “mysterious” stress that is bothering him.

along with many issues.

for contact

Jad Mhanna

00961 76 451175






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