Difference between a composer and a singer

Hello first of all,

I’ve been hesitating for a while to write about that article.

Fearing to be understood from an egoic point of view such as  dominance or any word showing superiority .

But I ve been noticing lately on my time line ,some personal irritation from 80% of ignorant signers.

So I decided..to write and explain with a logical mind to many people who are curious to know  the difference .

Naturally we all know that  a singer, is the front lead person taking all the spot light due to the fact that vocal,or  voice and presence is the most humanistic interaction between people.

True he express any given melody or the Composer melody.

Yes he does feel it most of the time. (Most) but it may scratch his surface and pass by …

His attention is on his performance and people s reaction, let me say 10 to 20% of singers are genuine. 

The rest care about the spotlight, the feedback (not artistically) look wise. Their narcissist personality pumps  to a point where he feels he s above all musicians and even the creators of the song.

Most of suicide cases or attempts, u hear them from singers../ It’s rare  hearin  that a composer kills him self. Although as a composer I might after this article 🙂

Now about the composer!

There are 2 types in only our unique weird…bit primitive societies  (Arab in general) 

The one called composer “moulahen” that just hums or creates a tune based on  whatever he heard since his childhood. 

True he still created it. And feels a bond with his creation.

Caring starts to become inclusive and the anxiety of sharing it in  the best way possible 

But this may stop here,as this type of composer  exists mostly in the middle.east.

Also his ego  may pump. and in that case u cannot separate a stealer of melodies from a genuine composer.

The true and authentic composer as most of people living abroad:”

Is the one responsible of his music from scratch, whether by supervising lyrics. Helping the poet, Creating the melody, create each instrument melodic line , assist it in the studio and stays days and weeks living in  it.

And depending on the music piece mood. If it s sad or melancholic the composer can suffer tremendously from it s powerful effect.

Now the bond of a parent to a  child /children  starts.

He cares about each instrument ,about BeING fair to all his children.

About the singer and his voice. He sees the singer and respect him as a soul and tool to deliver the final output of his work.

By that time, the mind and soul of the composer is drained.

He may feel sad..joyful pleasant..depressed..anxious..dark..and must endure all that.

Cause creating the melody and music came from his deepest being, seeing through people And translating their emotions. 

Also He must be fair to all and take care of all..hence he is  a real father or mother.
Now after that tremendous energy is being given;

Here comes the unknowingness of the persons or audience.

They praise the singer. And he gets to say “it s my song.”

It s never his!!…and will never be. Again that small majority of singers may feel a close.bond. 

the rest will care to brag on magazines and go into a pure egoistic competition mode with others and claiming possession of songs.

What a foolish idea.!!

The media and that domain, Cares to put the spot light on the singers for pure business reasons. Eg :How many seated persons  will  come for  the concert of x.

True all is needed. The singer  completes the composer. But not always.

A composer can give music and still exits from his gift.

A singer can never do anything without an existing COMPOSED song…from……a…….COMPOSER.
At the end in our poor middle east and unfair society …The composer sell his piece..his baby , his creation for a small sum.

And the singer makes fortune from concerts on behalf of that song.

And the composer barely get recognition or financial support

An authentic Composer can mean (the one who creates music or lyrics or both)

For those who listens to most American music “oldies or new.”

Most singers such as 

Richard max. Peter cetera. Phil collins.Elton John air supply. And many are the one who create their own songs!!

They are truly talented and feel as a composer + a singer ..
Or at least if a foreigner  sings . 

The composer keeps a  fair share of each revenue for the singer.

Without that song the singer would be doing nothing.

Let s take for ex  the passed away our legendart  melhem barakat who cried his heart out saying that ungrateful people are dominating the market and no rights are preserved for the composer 

. And for me personally my father and hero zaki nassif. Also rahbany  brothers.

They Were  my teachers 

They knew what psychology is. and what feeling others is.

It’s like looking at the bright and dark side of the life. Connecting their emotions. Creating their pieces from feeling their surroundings…

I didn’t forget my idol and master ziad rahbany.

Since I started giving songs to many 2002 -2013

Zayn ..wael jassar  Simon,hisham ..even haifa. Yes “even” cause we re not speaking art at all now.

Vivian mrad..tana kassis.Bruno,many  others.

All this love to the musical piece that comes from your deepest core.

Just to see it getting lost with the applause for the singer.

I felt Something was not right….

The composer nature is more giving..susceptible to his environment while the singer is worried about his black glasses..body guards and all that crap.

I decided to stop all that.

Besides no one knows how beautiful is to compose music alone.

Cause it takes u to a marvelous land where people really do love each other.

So preparing my concert where the vocalist is part of the piece not the whole, would really allow me sharing my inner to all of u. 

And a father or mother cannot be but fair.

But a spoiled singer is like a spoiled child who did not  earn his work by intense creativity .

Some of u know me personally or by Facebook.

@Jad manna.33 / Jad manna music fan group./  @Pianisssimo 


Or simply go to http://www.jadmehanna.com and check all my social links

I got late to release my albums and concerts due to the misconception of a society is completely blind of what a pianist and composer can do.

That story creates pain in me. When singers make easily 30 40 50 thousands dollars and the composer barely gets a one time fee.
I will keep fighting for my dream ,instrumental or songs but with a team who will be genuine   as a family .

I and rare composers struggle to find small sponsoring.

whereas singers gets huge sums to be spent later on drugs.sex..and other things. 

I know exactly the “in&out” game and the domain.    

I hope that day comes soon and will re create respect for the composer ; where the creator of that song or piece deserves a much better place  within these ego pumping people. (80% of singers).
Music  is.not about the  restaurant’s  shisha  or “kebbe naye”. And “eehhhhhh w yalla”

When your physical body and heaven meets that s called music .

I Hope that this article  clarified for you the huge  gap between  a composer and a singer.

Jad mehanna 

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