The River Of Life -New Release 

excerpt of my new book. (Links below)
. Introduction

2. Who are you? Where do you come from?

3. Knowing your body

The physical aspect of our existence

4. How it all started 

5. Examining the dysfunctions of the body and the roads to healing

6. Why the body loves moving

7. Exploring your mind and soul

8. The power of the conscious and the subconscious mind

9. What is the mind? Is it the same as the brain?

10. Malfunctions of the mind

11. The 2 most powerful behaviors of the mind

1. Introduction


Anybody there?

I know you are reading this, but that doesn’t mean that you are in this moment.

Now, I will ask you to breathe in deeply and relax your muscles. Do what you need to do to get yourself into a relaxed state of mind.

Are you relaxed?

Great. We are ready then. Switch off any mental chatter that may be lingering in your mind. 

You’re simply here with me, which is also you! 

I am you! Are there two people here, or is it only you? I guess you think that it’s only you! But actually, it is also me! 


 Let’s set this aside for a minute.

Allow me to tell you about myself first.

I was born from a womb, hearing voices, not even recognizing that these are voices.

I saw shadows before my eyes, while not even knowing they were shadows. 

All I know is that they took away my happiness. All had been perfect: food, warmth, water, shelter, peacefulness. 

I was in Heaven!

One year later, I found out that the walking creatures were calling me “Jad”.

I had to answer back each time I heard that sound! It was unbearable at first, but then it started making me happy as these creatures were also comforting me.

A few years later, I began uttering sounds, words and phrases that had meaning. I began to understand how to deal with my parents and surroundings.

Let’s skip ahead to the future.

Finally, I had a religion! I also had a name and a personality, which I learned from my father mother, neighbors and relatives.

I had a nationality, a school and a great surprise as well:

“To know my politicians and my enemies”.

Everything was perfectly set up. I was the product and the product was now ready for society!

A few years passed and I sensed that something was not right. 

Some of the things that I have learned shocked and confused me.

I discovered that some people were against my beliefs. Many people had different religions and values. A lot of them had strange names. 

Some people were on my side, while others were against me. There was also jealousy and competition and … wait!

Isn’t this your story as well?

Back to you and I, the reader and the writer. Was I not different from you at the beginning? Or were we the same? 

That’s the story of each human being brought into this life, and that’s how our stories go.

But through all this “ready–made-product” which is called “me” or “my personality”, I have managed to find a deeper meaning through sounds and imagination that is music. I can assure you this was not imposed.

I discovered a higher truth, a passion for discovering life and the answers to the two questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”.

My love for music and that invisible sensation of something intangible but still present, ignited in me a deeper desire to try to understand the vast universe and the purpose of life itself.

A journey of seeking, exploration, discovery, experiencing and traveling began (and way too much mental analysis!), until I finally said enough!

I have learned enough. It’s now time to un-learn and take my mind and myself back to that beautiful womb where it all started!
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discussions with my subconscious




*i know i m fooling around now,it s me who wrote these 2 sentences.


*just felt a pause

Cause u know u re not fooling around

*something tells me to stop

Cause you re nothing

*i m allowing u


*what can u do

Many things

*so you re threatening ?


*i m confused

U ll stay confused

*so who are u?

Your god

*god ?


*so there no real god

There s all

*i m too weak to know?

More than u know

*do u help?

If i want

*so i have no control

Kind of

*i feel it s boring

Cause you re busy with the other thoughts i give u

*i want to know all

U are all

*i m getting sleepy

Me too

*i think i discussed in a wrong time

If you re sleepy ,i m also

*ok bye




Protocol of My Stress Coaching System

Dear all,

Welcome to my coaching system.

It focuses on stress issues ,while improving our selves towards our targets and goals.

First session is for consultation,discussion and choosing for you the best program.

Upon agreement, 4 sessions must be payed in advanced.Because It’s a program not psychology.

Commitment is for your own good and best benefits.

Same as dieting,learning a language.

It’s a progress not a consolation.
Only serious questions will be answered via email

Or call 00961 76 606410.

Thank you.

Jad Mehanna

Chers tous,
Bienvenue a mon système de coaching.

Ce Systeme met l’accent sur les problèmes de stress, tout en améliorant notre situation vers nos objectifs et cibles.
-Durée de la session: 45-50 min.
La première session est pour la consultation, la discussion tout en choisissant pour vous le meilleur programme.
Après accord, 4 sessions doivent être payées à l’avance. Parce que c’est un programme et non pas la psychologie traditionelle.
L’engagement est pour vos propres bons et meilleurs avantages.
Identique au régime, apprendre une langue.
C’est un progrès, pas une consolation.

Seules les questions sérieuses seront traitées par courriel
Mobile : 76 606410.
Je vous remercie.

Jad Mehanna

le développement de soi

​pourquoi le développement de soi augmente soudainement? et n’est-ce pas exagéré? en effet, s’il n’y avait pas un besoin, les livres ne déborderaient pas,

 mais en ce moment le côté des affaires domine. 

permettez-moi de vous expliquer mon approche du développement de soi et de renforcer notre “moi “mentalement, spirituellement. En tant que pianiste, compositeur, coach de vie, coach de stress, thérapeute corporel, auteur et chercheur

. Pour moi, ils font tous partie d’un même océan, 

beaucoup d’entre nous choisissent des fleuves différents, mais ils mèneront tous à un seul océan.

 il en est de même de la religion, de la spiritualité, de la guérison, de l’univers. Nous sommes confrontés à une ère de stress, d’inconnu, de masse d’informations, de doutes, de gens qui ont perdu confiance. 

C’est une phase dangereuse que, malheureusement, les dirigeants des organisations religieuses essaient de diriger. Pourquoi? surtout ils agissent dans une direction complètement opposée (pas tous) .je suis en train de creer lentement un système complet qui permet aux gens de croire en eux-mêmes. re créer un corps sain, esprit, âme. ma tâche est de pointer. ne pas dicter.

Alors pour tous ceux qui souhaitent améliorer leur bien-être, éliminer la négativité, réduire les bavardages de leurs mentale et chercher à l’intérieur d’eux.

 ils sont invités à me consulter à mon bureau à awkar. Je peux également donner des séances privées, pour les personnes sérieuses qui ont soif d’amélioration et de guérison de leur “inner-self”.click sur mon site Web.

Certaines personnes ne sont pas encore prêts à s’améliorer et ils continuent de construire des obstacle ,fausses croyances qui sabotagent leurs success.
.mais certains sont prêts et changeront complètement. 

vous pouvez m’appeler sur 7660610 ou m’envoyer un email à