My advice for chaotic and/or narrowed life perception

When i face clients day after day, 

And all i see is disorganized lives , narrow minds , and inability to perceive the broad spectrum of what LIFE is.

Spouse, relation issues, will remain issues UNTIL one recognize

That it’s not all about our spouse or partner.

If your idea of marriage is to watch each other and analyse the hell of your partner , this will be the mission of your life.

Well guess what? You will destroy it even faster.

When i ask them about their physical health, or dieting (by the way i hate this word). We re simply coming back to mother earth s food.

Some obsess in the minute of what to eat what time, and all their lives revolves around that

Guess what result.

In life and health/stress coaching.

I look at the person as an individual (mind body soul)

And remember , we are social beings too.

Although we need our alone time too.

Physically :besides food what do u do as activites? Nothing

Mentally : what book are u reading, what seminar are u participating in?,

Any plan for the next 3 month or 1 year..? ( well..)….no!

Work finances :are u ok with it? Do u know how to handle it?

And plan for a new career, upgrade, or new business ?

(Not not at all, there is no work in the country

I agree

How many cvs did u apply for?

Zero, or 1,2.

– Well maybe after 10 25 20 25 cv u will find!!

Just don t assume.(and btw most of them settle down and do not try anything)

Relations : are u seeing friends, trying to socialize besides this great FB?

Well it s hard work etc… so again a NO.

Spirituality : how’s your link with god? Inner peace, daily aloness time?

Again..he/she doesn’t have time.

“We make time!” (Just cutback 2 hours of chat and social media)

Unless u want “time” to make u crippled physically or psychologically

All your life.

When we start being held accountable for all decisions in all these realms/pillars. Life will open up..

Problems will vanish.your life will have a great range of harmony.

Of course each pilar has its own exercices.

But my point is to make sure the person get a new perspecrive based on what god made him

Creativity, sports,fun, work, reading, listening to nice music

Etc etc.

This is the best approach that makes me heal my clients or actually they became healed.

For more info

+961 76606410

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