The stress Manual 

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Understand roots, solution ,causes

By coach Jad mehanna


A bit of medicine

I would like to start by a simple fact..

We survive and live by bread and water.
Maybe also another element…
And it s enough for our trillions of cell and atoms
And all body functions to continue regenerating.
We need 1000 medicine from the pharmacy to heal for 1000 issue..
Isnt weird???

U wanna be healed? Take care of your stomach and thoughts.
In other words :nutrition and mind.
Our second brain as the chinese calls it is our stomach
Where most of our organs resides..and all our emotional
Get away from all package foods, walk..circulate your blood
And allow for proper  breathing.
Your body will automatically start restoring it s health.

Simplify your foods..
Be one with what the existence created you,
Little by little your body will heal it self.

Or else symptoms will keep appearing..
But the root is one..stomach..brain!

Also our stomach is linked with our back and vice versa
Solid and flexible back with a clean gut are the root of a solid body temple..
In that temple..the spirit will sit.
The more it s clean and ready…the more u can be one with the whole.

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