Depression and anxiety ,psychotic disorders

In a world where the unknown is a trend.
And question marks arises from everywhere…
Where we can all connect and not even touch each other..(scary huh?! 🙂  )
Depression and anxiety are becoming more obvious.

Human beings are made of flesh..blood..oxygene…water…hence??….we re made from the same stuff of nature.

What makes us different than animals except our minds?
The answer is obvious :spending more time at nature.
Touching trees…flowers…running…sweating…breathing.

Keep a plant locked in a will die.
Keep an animal locked…he ll go mad!!,
Why shouldnt we?

Unfortunately we re solving mind issues while playing with mind substances…
Prozac..seroxat..ssri..benzo..drugs..stress pill…

I recomend going wild and nuts before u go really nut.
A great ancient technique is to unleash our repressed thoughts for 20 min daily or less…by screaming
Dancing..being a child for a while..making noises…
Being one with our inner.

This will prevent madness to be stored in our cellular level.
Once it s deeply stored…it may be hard to stop.

And then we would enter a vicious cycle..of drugs…vs calmness.

Regain your birth right…before u sell it to the society.

With love

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