Watch video “why dont u tell me” ,music composition

Another break from words
I hope u all enjoy my song..

When i compose: the soul,heart mind..all got to be aligned..
My message is a tribute to all sincere lovers
Whether they break up or make up…

Love is the root of our existence..

With love and peace



Meaning of life

Does life has a meaning?
Or we give it a meaning?

What s there to explore if all information are available for us in less than a second..
Will the MEANING remains?

One thing is left with no explanation…
let s enjoy this path and experience it…
We still need light years to approach the ultimate…

Peace and love.

Music and life

Just for a small break and a glance of how music affects the way i see people and feel with the whole world dance.

I would like to share the above link..
I m a music composer and actually it led me to start seeking life.
Most of my work are on

Hope that the notes can express what words cannot say.

Peace and love